Holistic Web is a sister company to The Libra Centre, it was created because a friend of ours was being ripped off by his web site firm and we showed him another way. This led to others wanting the same service so Holistic Web was formed.

Keith working at the computer


As The Libra Centre was working already in the holistic or Mind/Body/Spirit field it was natural that our first contracts was from holistic practitioners and word of mouth developed a client base within that field. However, Holistic Web now take clients from all areas.


We have grown rapidly from helping a few friends with websites to a complete web development company, designing static and dynamic web sites as well as building web applications to suite our clients needs. We provide help and assistance sometimes free of charge, we not only design but build and maintain websites, updating when required. We offer hosting packages and personal assistance for domain name acquisition and management.

Spreading the word.

The Internet can be a scary place to those not used to the jargon but Holistic Web can be your guide. On a more philosophical note there is a lot of darkness on the World Wide Web and so we encourage those who work to help and empower people, to spread their voice on the web, thereby, diluting the darkness.


We welcome personal visitors and our real world address is on every page, so there is no need to fear yet another internet scam. We are appalled at the way some companies treat their clients and so we would never do the same, our business is built on fairness and trust, making clients feel safe and secure in the knowledge that Holistic Web has their best interests at heart and will look after them and their presence on the web.

Keith and Theresa.

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