Fed up with Microsoft or Apple

I think the turning point for me was Windows 8. What was that? Of course there are ways to get it looking and working more like my old favourite XP such as downloading and installing Classic Shell.

The next thing to do is to get rid of the security software scam that undoubtedly came with your new computer, and this is where I have to back track a bit because Windows 8 comes bundled with a free security suite Windows Defender and this is free, unlike the pre-installed security suite which your computer supplier took a kick back to install but only for one year, then the bills start coming. Now setting up Windows Defender instead is impossible until you delete the baddy in the camp so do that first then you will be able to set-up Windows Defender.

So now we have a sort of working computer but then the programs you love will not run on your new machine. Why? Because Microsoft want you to install an App from their App store. So given that your new computer is not going to do the things you want it to do or forces you to do it in a radically different way.

Where do we go from there? Answer. Linux.

Now I can hear you say “That's all right for you but Linux is really hard and only for Nerds.” Did I hear right? Well let me tell you, it is not as hard as you may be thinking and there are many reasons why it is the best solution and with only a minimum amount of effort, a bit of practice and a sense of freedom, you will be wondering why you never did this in years ago.

There are many systems to choose from (they call them Distros) but I would suggest you start with LinuxMint. Check it out and get on with it, one day you will have to so why not do it now. The day is coming, mark my words, when the average man or woman in the street will be asking for a Linux install and will flat out refuse to stay with Microsoft or move to the over priced and equally pernicious Apple Mac.

Keith Hirst

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Allow your thoughts to soar higher!.

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