Holistic Diagnosis

Holistic Diagnostics is really a very simple method of attaining better health, physically, mentally and spiritually. It is not meant to replace your GP but it should make their job a lot easier, and maybe one day they will thank you for it, however, do not hold your breath. That said though I must say that I am hearing very encouraging reports that some GP's are actually, if not using this technique, going along with it.

It is based on the preposition that the illness or symptom is actually a clue to the pre-eminent cause couched in symbolic form. Once this pre-eminent cause is discovered, the proper steps to its elimination can be taken with confidence. That is not to say that physical remedies should not be applied to physical conditions. The physical manifestation of a dis-ease may well have taken months or years to develop and just the removal of the cause may not be enough to heal the physical result and if it is, physical remedies may well accomplish the desired effect quicker. The holistic diagnosis and treatment is designed to aid physical recovery and, perhaps more importantly, prevent a reoccurrence.

Listed below are various areas, features and organs of the body together with the emotional problems or characteristics associated with them. An understanding of these correspondences may help us to change attitudes and behaviours in a positive way. It should be remembered though that an Holistic approach precludes the idea of dogmatic assertions. A true Holistic Practitioner will examine the following ideas only as one part of the process.

The List
[ Right Side ]--[ Left Side ]--[ Top Half (waist upwards) ]--[ Bottom Half (waist downwards) ]--[ Ankles]--[ Back/Spine]--[ Bladder]--[ Blood ]--[ Bones ]--[ Bowels]--[ Breasts (female) ]--[ Colon ]--[ Diaphragm]--[ Ears ]--[ Eyes ]--[ Face ]--[ Feet ]--[ Fingers ]--[ Genitals]--[ Glands]--[ Hands/Arms]--[ Head ]--[ Heart ]--[ Immune System ]--[ Joints]--[ Kidneys]--[ Knees ]--[ Legs/Thighs]--[ Liver ]--[ Lungs ]--[ Lymphatic System ]--[ Mouth/Jaw/Tongue]--[ Muscles]--[ Neck ]--[ Pancreas]--[ Shoulders]--[ Skin ]--[ Stomach]--[ Throat]--[ Torso ]--[ Uterus]

Right Side
The right side of the body represents the masculine, positive, outward moving side of us. It is the male side and so could indicate problems with men or masculine issues. Problems here may mean problems in reaching out or moving forward, an inability or a refusal to take the initiative. Rigidity here could indicate a rigid view of the masculine role. Pain in the right side can be caused by physical strain or over exertion but this could just as well be on an emotional or spiritual level. Think, where are you being too masculine or assertive, or where are you refusing to be so. Astrologically it is associated with the positive polarity.
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Left Side
The left side of the body represents the feminine, passive, inward moving side of us. It is the intuitive, introverted and passive side. It shows our perceptions of the female role and relationships with women. Problems here may indicate problems with feminine issues and relationships with women. There may also be an inability or a refusal to receive from others or an in appropriate use of the feminine principle. Pain on the left side may well indicate that you are not open to your intuitive side. Ask yourself, where are you being call upon to recognise the woman within or adopt a passive role. Stiffness on this side may mean that you are too rigid about what is your feminine side or the female role. Astrologically it is associated with the negative polarity.
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Top Half (waist upwards)
The top half of the body is where we push out into the world, it is the conscious everyday reality of our lives. It is the way we deal with the world out there, and where we make an impression on others. Problems in this half of the body may mean that we are having problems fitting in the world or our life style. Rigidity in this area could indicate a certain amount of repressed aggression. Consider you posture are upright, straight and facing the world or are you slumped away from it. Astrologically it is associated with the upper hemisphere of the chart.
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Bottom Half (waist downwards)
This sector represents our roots and the unconscious inner reality of our lives. It is what gives us stability and support it is through stability and self support that we gain our balance and become independent. With problems in the lower half of the body we need to question our ability to be self-sufficient and where we are in need of emotional support. Astrologically it is associated with the lower hemisphere of the chart.
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The ankles indicate support but also flexibility, so are more concerned with balance or keeping our balance, spreading the load. When we are experiencing problems with the ankles we need to ask ourselves are we being adaptable enough, are we allowing ourselves to move forward. If we are have problems with just one ankle, further clues may be gleamed from looking at right side or left side . Problems can usually be traced back to an inflexible attitude or a resistance to change. It may mean that you are unsure as to which direction to take. Astrologically associated with the sign Aquarius.
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The back or more specifically the spine, represents our uprightness, stability and strength. It is how we carry responsibility. It is also determination and endurance. Think of the terms 'back against the wall' 'spineless'. Problems with the back, and so many do suffer, could mean problems with responsibility, either not taking responsibility or taking to much. A feeling of being burdened or weighed down often accompanies back pain. Repressed fears can sometimes be indicated by pain in the back, particularly fears regarding your ability to perform some task which is expected of you. Severe back pain could mean that it is time to reassess your life and future plans. If the pain is in the lower back it may well indicate some problems with sexuality passion or self-esteem. Some say financial worries. Astrologically associated with the planet Saturn and the sign Capricorn.
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The bladders main association is with control and more specifically with control issues that have been instilled in us from childhood. Problems here mean that we are holding on, holding back, not expressing our desires, ideas or emotions. It is a refusal to go with the flow. Conversely it could be the reverse of the above, depending on the problem. We could be resentful or hurt by a person or situation but will not let it go or eliminate it. Sometimes a bladder problem can be caused because we are shy and wish to be away from the limelight. Astrologically it is associated with the planet Venus and the sign Libra.
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Blood of course is oxygenated in the lungs and carries this oxygen throughout the whole body, which highlights the need for correct breathing. It also carries a host of other substances and nutrients, it also plays an important role in the elimination of toxins. In a perfect world the blood delivers good things and carries away the bad. Problems with the blood can occur when we are feeding our bodies with too much negativity. Anger too has its effects on the blood. Detoxifying the body regularly is an excellent idea but maintaining pure thoughts and emotions will greatly assist the blood to carry out its many functions. The blood seems to absorb our thoughts and emotions as readily as it absorbs oxygen from the lungs. Astrologically associated with the planet Mars.
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The bones are our framework and support for the physical body, they also carry out the same function for our sense of self, or who we feel we are. Like the backbone, all bones show our ability to stand upright and support ourselves emotionally, they show strength and integrity. The bones also seem to be an indicator of lives lessons, broken bones occur amazingly regularly when a person needs to stop what they are doing, take a rest or change direction. Astrologically associated with the planet Saturn and the sign Capricorn.
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See also Colon
The bowels are connected with the automatic expulsion of the negative within our lives. Suggesting as they do the end of a process or where something has been used up and can be discarded, the bowels represent our ability to utilise our experiences. The principle problems in this area are constipation (holding back) and refusing to let go, and diarrhoea, where we seem to be in too much of a hurry to get things finished or are unable to absorb information that is being given, in this instance, very often the diarrhoea is accompanied by vomiting. Irritable Bowel Syndrome suggests that there is some difficulty in deciding which of these two courses of action is appropriate. Astrologically associated with the planet Pluto and the sign Scorpio
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Breasts (female)
The breasts are always strongly connected with a woman's self-image. When, for instance, radical surgery is carried out a woman needs reassurance that she has not lost her femininity. The breasts symbolise nurturing, loving, giving, and all issues to do with motherhood. It is now well understood that cancer of the breasts can be to do with the suppression of emotion. Problems in this area might indicate a perceived lack of respect from others, feelings of inadequacy, frustrated desires to do with childhood and mothering, and also over concern as a mother. Astrologically associated with the Moon, the asteroid Ceres and the sign Cancer.
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See also Bowels
The colon is one of the most sensitive areas of the body, and almost any emotional problem will have an effect on its functioning. Extreme fear, for example, will cause it to empty spontaneously. On a physical level the colon deals with the elimination of that which is no longer necessary. On an emotional level it is associated with issues related to control and material gain. Loneliness, repressed rage, over-controlling attitudes and envy can all make themselves felt as illness in this part of the body. Problems might indicate that one is holding on too tightly to people, material possessions or the past. An ability to deal with feelings of guilt, bitterness and cynicism will often cause physical symptoms to disappear. Astrologically associated with the planet Pluto
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The Diaphragm represents the division between the lower, more animalistic self and the higher, more intelligent one. Pain in the diaphragm may represent grief, hypersensitivity, pent-up emotions, obsession with details, worry and anxiety. It is as though the individual cannot achieve a balance between internal feelings and outward reality. Astrologically associated the Sun/Moon midpoint.
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The ears symbolise the capacity to hear and listen. Problems with them might indicate the avoidance of unpleasant facts and a refusal to hear the truth. There has to be a willingness to be open to the opinions of others, and to be able to listen to life. Lack of enthusiasm for life is sometimes a factor in deafness. Astrologically associated with the planet Mercury
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The eyes are said to be 'the windows of the soul'. They represent perception and clarity of expression. We all have the capacity to see life and its issues clearly. When we are willing to be open and make contact with other people, we gain through knowledge and experience. Our eyes can often signify our curiosity and our ability to meet the challenges of life. Problems in this area might indicate a refusal to face reality, a lack of motivation and perhaps low self-esteem. There may be a fear of intimacy, or an attempt to protect one's privacy; this may be particularly so in short-sightedness. Sometimes it may seem as though the individual id not able to see beyond the immediate situation, and is more able to find a solution through introspection. Far-sightedness sometimes represents an almost too visionary outlook, with a tendency to live in the future without paying due attention to the immediate situation. Obstacles that may prevent success are often not even considered. The eyes are often affected by problems associated with responsibility. Astrologically associated with the asteroid Pallas Athena
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The face reflects our attitudes to life. The way we feel about ourselves is mirrored in the face, which will show our emotional reactions such as pain, joy, fear and anger. We often use the face as a mask to hide the inner self. Problems in this area might indicate inner conflict and difficulty. For instance, pain in the jaw can suggest holding back on something we wish to express. Pain in the sinuses can be a substitute for the ability to cry. Astrologically associated with the Ascendant
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Feet signify support and stability and the ability to be grounded and practical. Each of us needs to be able to stand on our own two feet, and above all else to be ourselves. With understanding and a balanced viewpoint we are able to move forward (step out). Problems in this area might indicate that we are out of touch with physical reality, and that we do not have the inclination or motivation to undertake new experiences, suggesting an inadequate grasp on our overall situation. Astrologically associated with the sign Pisces
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Also see Hands
It is with the fingers that we grasp whatever life holds for us and whatever experience we are searching for. The fingers represent our ability to take responsibility; the giving and receiving of love creativity, and the ability to 'feel' in the sense of making our feelings tangible. Each digit signifies something specific.
The Thumb is connected with the conscious mind and with issues to do with self control, steadiness of purpose, strength and will power. Astrologically associated with the planet Mars.
The Index finger symbolises ambition and authority, the ego, pride, judgement, leadership and power. Astrologically associated with the Sun, in palmistry, Jupiter.
The Middle finger is usually taken as representing balance, introspection, philosophy, service, religion and responsibility. Astrologically associated with the planet Jupiter, in palmistry Saturn.
The Ring finger is said to be connected with the heart and is to do with adaptability, creativity, emotion, relationships and sociability. Astrologically associated with the planet Venus, in palmistry the Sun.
The Little finger monitors mental and physical communication and expression and the subconscious. Astrologically associated with the planet Mercury.
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The genitals are the seat of sensation and the life force. The relationship to one's own sexuality and interpersonal relationships is governed by this area. Courage, willpower, achievement and the ability to give and receive pleasure are all initiated in this area. The ability to let go, to surrender to life's spontaneity, and also issues of power and assertiveness, belong to this part. Problems in this area might indicate repressed emotions together with negative feelings, such as guilt, anger and fear. Lack of affection, fear of letting go, of inappropriate relationships may all manifest themselves as troubles in this area, as can the misuse of or overindulgence in sex. Astrologically associated the planet Pluto, the asteroid Vesta and the sign Scorpio.
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The glands secrete substances called hormones that keep our whole system balanced and healthy. Initially it was thought that hormones governed only the sexual function and changes of mood were attributed to imbalances in these - hence the development of the pre-menstrual syndrome. It has now been found that the secretions from various glands do much more than just regulate the sexual function - they also play a part in our use of vitality and our energy. There is also a strong co-relationship between our attitudes and responses to life and these glandular secretions. Problems with the glands might indicate that there are attitudes and beliefs that need to be tackled or that the ability to integrate and balance the totality of experience needs to be cultivated. Astrologically associated with the Moon
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The hands and arms are the objective expression of love. They also represent the ability to take hold of life and its experiences through contact and creative movement. One may feel the way ahead in order to take hold of life, both giving and receiving along the way. However there may be a reluctance to feel, which in turn produces feelings of insecurity and the failure to give or receive what one is capable of. Astrologically associated with the sign Gemini
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The head represents the way in which we view ourselves and think about ourselves, and therefore is the main influence over the rest of the body. The head, hopefully, receives information from other levels of understanding in the body and then uses that information to create a stable and constant life-plan. The issues that we relate to our own conscious thinking - such as decision-making, intellect, faith, and the will to progress - are all integrated through the head. There may be problems when these conscious thoughts do not align with our need for love and knowledge. for example, we may use the intellect to escape from feelings or from a lack of faith in spiritual matters and to take us in pursuit of material goals. Astrologically associated with the sign Aries
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The heart is the basis of our real selves - the root of spiritual gain. The expression of love, affection, compassion, desire, and sensitivity for oneself and others - which one is always striving to communicate - is the heart's domain. This is not without its dangers and can produce insecurity, fear of rejection and all that it brings with it (heartbreak, loneliness, inadequacy), which in turn lead to a closing down of feelings. The road of self-protection is sometimes an understandable one to take. However, no good can come of it, because insensitivity, arrogance, hate and anger will be overriding emotions, and these will halt the flow of vital love in the heart. Astrologically associated with the Sun and the sign Leo
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Immune System
The immune system is the core of strength, vitality and devotion on all levels - that is, physical, emotional and mental. It also relates to our vulnerable side. Physically, the immune system guards against infection and invaders of various systems of the body. The importance of a strong immune system cannot be stressed to highly; it is crucial for confidence and enthusiasm in all aspects of life. If our immune system is compromised, our resistance to vulnerability and openness will be strong. We will be very self-critical and negative and ultimately destructive. Maintaining a psychological defence against the power of vulnerability will eventually encourage stress in the body and mind. It is paramount to realise that the one true strength is integrity and openness, and that all other so called defences are just vain attempts to hide from our true feelings. Astrologically associated with the planet Jupiter.
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The joints reflect the flexibility of the mind and body. They indicate the ways in which we handle life's ever-changing moods and circumstances. Once we lose flexibility - for example, in our attitudes and views towards life and other people - we become rigid with cynicism and unwilling to adapt and give ourselves over to life's flexible and unpredictable map. In effect, we become a disjointed and extremely limited person. Astrologically associated with the planet Saturn and the sign Capricorn
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The Kidneys signal how able we are to 'go with the flow' and in turn let life 'flow' through us, at the same time as flushing out all that is negative and oppressive. This flushing out is important as kidneys are very sensitive to emotional stress, particularly stress within relationships. The kidneys will mirror a person's tensions and anxieties, in whatever shape these may take, by way of resistance leading to malfunction. Degrees of anger and indecision, emotional stress and pain, and tunnel vision are indicated by kidney trouble. Astrologically associated with the planet Venus and the sign Libra.
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As with the joints the knees represent flexibility in one's attitude and mind. Through this comes a willingness to progress in life, while encouraging a stable grounding - which is important when adapting to life's experiences. Problems in the knee area could indicate a resistance to change and an unwillingness to adapt. Astrologically associated Capricorn
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The legs, quite literally, move one forward through life, grounding and supporting along the way, as well as promoting strength and power - all crucial when dealing with life's pressures and problems. if one feels unable to move forward due to, say, a lack of strength - or one feels unsupported - this will often manifest as a problem in the legs. There can also be a lack of initiative. Astrologically associated Sagittarius
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The liver is the great worker in the body, and corresponds with our emotions. Therefore, any stress or feelings of despair, indeed most negative emotions, will affect the liver. Anger, envy and bitterness can all lead to problems in this organ. Astrologically associated with the planet Jupiter
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The lungs, by association with the heart, mirror the inhalation of 'life breath' - that is, love, openness and inspired thinking. Problems here may well be rooted in relationships. Stress, anger, resentment, selfishness and anxiety are all possible triggers for problems here. Apathy and lack of appreciation are all associated with the lungs. Grief is also held within the lung area. Astrologically associated the planet Mercury and the sign Gemini
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Lymphatic System
The lymphatic system has strong associations with water, and reflects our ability to go with the flow. It allows life to flow through us, to get rid of what is unnecessary and help the flow of emotional energy. Feelings of confusion or being overburdened or restricted in some way usually indicate a problem with the lymphatic system. Working with unresolved emotional issues can often help with problems in this area. Astrologically associated with the Moon.
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These are channels through which we express our spiritual and emotional views and feelings, and take in and acknowledge new information and new ideas. There is much creativity in the spoken word, and coupled with the power of thought it can either destroy (negative) or heal (positive). Problems will emerge through tension and unexpressed feelings which, in turn, lead to anger and defiance. gossiping, lying and complaining will all lead to tension in the area of the mouth and jaw - hence the term' hard faced'. Astrologically associated with the planet Mercury
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The muscles are the primary manifestation of all that is physical; we express our needs through our muscles, using strength and willpower to induce movement and progression. Lack of energy and an unwillingness to progress are signified by muscle fatigue. Problems with the muscles may occur when one is being too overbearing. Astrologically associated with the planet Mars
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The neck is the channel through which our feelings manifest into expressed thoughts and words. Our ability to be flexible is related to the neck - being able to see questions from different angles. Neck problems may suggest stubbornness or stiffness in our views on life; communication problems may also arise which may lead to a lack of sensitivity (brass neck). Astrologically associated with the sign Taurus
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The pancreas is our balancing organ: it absorbs information and helps to share out equally our capacity to give and receive love. Too much of one and not enough of the other may cause an imbalance within the entire body. The list of concerns affecting the pancreas is lengthy: worry, anger, bitterness, confusion, uncertainty; these may be directly related to abandonment or self-pity, or an inability to deal with beauty - that is the beauty of life and life's pleasures. Astrologically associated with the planet Jupiter.
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These, not surprisingly, relate to responsibility, as atlas would testify - 'having a lot on one's shoulders', The shoulders also, together with the arms, are associated with our expression of love. Problems here would suggest that responsibilities are seen as an encumbrance - an affliction - with regard to someone else's demands. They may also indicate a lack of self-esteem and feelings of insecurity in romantic matters. Astrologically associated with the planet Saturn.
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There is an interrelationship between skin and how we see ourselves, our self-image; that is, what we want to be and what we are, which are often poles apart. Our individuality is also related to our skin. Problems here are to do with frustration, perhaps at our lack of individuality, perhaps at our lack of achievement. Astrologically associated with the planet Saturn.
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The stomach, literally, takes in and digests life's experiences. The stomach recognises what is important and can be dealt with, and what isn't important and can't be dealt with (indigestion). A tendency towards a critical attitude where one may condemn others - and oneself - may arise. Fear, worry and repression of feelings leading to emotional upset are the concerns here - literally, the stomach churning. For those who suffer with their stomach, some degree of caution may be needed when selecting food. Astrologically associated with the sign Cancer.
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The throat is our creative and expressive centre. As we have seen (under Mouth), the spoken word and communication are powerful tools. The throat is the verbal pathway for mind and heart expression. Problems may arise if one is scared of expressing feelings or if one's creative potential is not being fulfilled. The fear may be of either success or failure. There is much energy and power in our speech; therefore negative words will have the effect of inducing illness throughout the body. Equally, positive words will heal and protect. Astrologically associated with the planet Venus and the sign Taurus.
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The torso deals most especially with our unconscious feelings. The organs in the body most likely to be affected are the lungs, pancreas, bladder, heart, stomach, spleen and lower body. again, unexpressed feelings or suppressed emotion (i.e., fear, hatred and jealousy) will surface as problems in the torso. Astrologically associated with the Moon.
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The uterus is the outlet for new and creative angles in life; i.e., the birth of a new idea. For women, the uterus can indicate their relationship to men. For both men and women, sexuality is the issue. The uterus deals directly with sex and relationships. Difficulties such as holding on to the pain of the past or guilt regarding sex are the problems to look out for. Astrologically associated with the sign Scorpio.
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