How to get more clients

Are you a professional psychic: Tarot Reader, Medium, Spiritual Counsellor, Dowser etc. or are you wanting to become a professional psychic?

If you are you may find it difficult to get new clients, this is not uncommon because usually a good psychic is not always a good business person. Psychic, on the whole are not, lets face it, the most sales orientated people and usually when things are not going well and they have to try and push, or tout for business, there work suffers, if they are thinking of finances and paying their table or room fees, their connection to Spirit becomes choppy at best.

So how do you get new clients, keep existing clients and generally grow your business?

It is clear that the top names, do not 'dirty their hands' with business because they have a business manager or even a whole team of people working for them. Thereby allowing them the luxury of simply working with Spirit, wouldn't it be nice. Not everyone can jump in with the big money and set-up a business empire just like that. However there are some things you can do to grow your business without spending vast sums of money.

I have found that direct advertising in newspapers is not the best way forward for those involved in this type of business, while it may get some new clients, the cost to benefit ratio is either to low or is actually negative, that is you get less from it than what you paid for it. Full page colour spreads in magazines may work better but I have never really wanted to gamble the thousands of pounds needed to find out and as we are talking about low-cost methods of gaining clients we will not be following this route.

What is needed is to realise that we are now firmly in the internet age, the Aquarian age, if you prefer. In the UK 82% of the population are using the internet to find the things they want and the growth rate is staggering. Lets be honest how many people do you know who do not have an email address, just look at the incredible numbers on Facebook alone.

And tapping into this market has never been easier, you do not even need a website though it is better if you do, we will come to this later.

Social Media marketing, cost free.
Set up a Facebook account and start to gather friends, link with as many people as you can and then talk about your work, that is all, just talk about what you do what you have learnt along the way what events you will be attending, what workshops you are running. Just talk in a very friendly way, not a sales pitch, just 'I have been talked into attending the Mind Body and Spirit fair at the weekend if you see me there say hello" Now when people do see you at an event it is easier for them to come to your table because you are their friend, right.

Set up and Email list, cost free.
Do you have a comments book? ask your clients to include their email address or give it to you privately, in this way you can just let them know where you will be next and any special happenings you have got going on. Do not over do this because you can alienate clients with too many emails, just ensure that they are relevant to them, informative and informal is the key. Always include an unsubscribe link or words like 'if you no longer wish to receive these emails reply with the word Remove in the subject line.' And never ever spam, do not include every email address you can find, use only the emails you have gathered yourself from people who want to be kept informed about what, where and when.

Write about what you know, cost free.
Everybody who has a website needs content to attract visitors, this is where you come in, writing articles may not be your thing but I urge you to give it go. There are many article sites who want and will publish your articles and they will include a link to your website, email address or Facebook page. This is not only getting yourself known this is getting yourself know as an expert and hence, attract more clients.

Share, cost free.
There are thousands of active forums out their, find one that deals with your particular discipline and join it, watch it for a little while until you get the feel for it and then start to add your two pennies worth, answer peoples queries, politely and with a friendly helpful manner and again this will get you exposure and enhance your credibility.

Give talks and or demonstrations, cost free.
Again this may not be something you feel comfortable doing, but again I urge you to give it a go, it does get easier and it quickly pays dividends bringing you more fame and more clients. This need not just be at events you are attending, think about other groups who have regular speakers, most are glad to find someone willing to get up and inform and entertain. After a while you may find yourself in demand and payments will follow.

Website, can be free.
Having a website will help and expand all of the above points, without question a website is the most cost effective advertising medium there is other than word of mouth and word of mouth is a lot easier when they have a website address to mention. Now I say can be free and I mean it, there are places to get free webspace and even a free sub-domain that is your name instead of the usual www for instance While this is good there are some drawbacks; first you will need some web-building skills, second free hosts are not that reliable and so your site may not be reachable at the critical time just when a new prospect wants to visit, there are also problems with using sub-domains as well which are more technical than I want to go into today see article domain names.

Time for my plug.
The best way to get a website, a reliable, working, successful website, which brings you new clients and grows your business as a professional psychic is to have a look at the design and build section of this website. Why? Because having a website involves more than just writing a bit about yourself and picking your favourite colours. There are many things to consider, such as making it search engine friendly or SEO, making it scan readable, because people read different online than off line and a whole host of other details, little things that make a big difference, things a good web designer and consultant would know because they make a living by knowing the details and keeping up with the latest technologies and trends. Just as you are good at what you do I am good at what I do, that way you can concentrate on your bit and I will look after the web bit.

Keith Hirst

let your thoughts soar higher and you will see clear like an Eangle
Allow your thoughts to soar higher!.

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