Read aloud slowly, twice a day. Stay in relaxed state for 10 min and visualise yourself in the lifestyle you require as though it had already happened.

I will relax each and every part of my body and allow my mind to sink into a deeply relaxed state.

My feet will become loose totally relaxed tension free and I am sinking deeper, deeper into relaxation becoming more and more relaxed.

My legs are becoming relaxed and rested, free from tension, loose and limp, free from tension, allowing my mind to sink deeper drifting further and further into relaxation.

My bottom and stomach are becoming loose and limp free from tension and totally relaxed rested and tranquil. Sinking deeper limp and rested drifting down into a deep relaxed state.

In control at all times able to awaken myself at any time for any reason. I have only to count to ten and allow myself to awaken.

My chest is becoming relaxed becoming loose and limp. I can feel each and every tension drifting away, allowing to sink deeper into a calm, tranquil, relaxed state.

My arms and shoulders are slowly relaxing the back of my head and neck are becoming relaxed to help me drift deeper and deeper into relaxation, deeper and deeper in into a deeply relaxed state.

I have become so deeply relaxed so relaxed and so receptive to every word I say. Each suggestion I put into my mind will sink deeply into my mind and create so deep an impression that nothing will eradicate it. These suggestions I give to my mind will remain with me for as long as I need them to for my own benefit, firmly imbedded in my psychic mind and, in the future, will continue to exercise the same great influence over my thoughts, feeling, and action, just as strongly, just as surely and just as powerfully as they do today.

During this, and as a result of this, I am going to feel stronger and fitter in every way. Both now and in the future I will feel much more alert much more energetic and much more optimistic.

I will become much less easily fatigued and much less easily depressed. I am youthful, healthy, energetic and in tune with the cosmic forces of good health and vitality. Every cell, nerve and tissue in my body is filled with powerful Cosmic Energy flowing through the power centres of my body healing and cleansing me of all physical, mental and emotional discomfort.

As this energy flows, I grow stronger; become more and more positive in my outlook on life. Every pain ceases as healing rays of mental energy shine down upon me, making my body healthier, stronger and more energetic. I am healed and at peace with the world. AND SO IT IS!

I now attune my mental energy field to the golden rays of money and material success. These mystic energies of the Great Universal Mind can change everything for me, bringing good fortune in an endless flow. The burden is lifted, my life complete. These mystic power rays now flow through my higher psychic mind, to bring money and riches into my life in a never-ending supply of Psychic Mind Power, so that each and every one of my financial needs are easily and quickly fulfilled. I know that these mental energy rays of money and happiness are bathing in the Universal Light of love and understanding; attracting all the money I shall ever need. AND SO IT IS!

I now instruct my mental energy field to respond to my desire for personal success and recognition. I now project concentrated thought energies to the minds of those who hold positions of authority in my life and who can help me to achieve recognition for my abilities and creative talents. The creative force which brought the universe into being through desire, shall now blend with my mind and soul and all obstacles that I face shall become as leaves against the wind. I know now that I am surrounded by success and fulfilment. Success radiates out from me and success comes to me. AND SO IT IS!

Keith Hirst.
Astrologer and Spiritual Consultant
The Libra Centre

let your thoughts soar higher and you will see clear like an Eangle
Allow your thoughts to soar higher!.

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