Moving a Wordpress Site

If, for what ever reason you wish to move your well established wordpress site to another directory or another domain then there are several things you need to do


The Wordpress Codex has information on this but it seems a little scary to say the least.

A quick glance at my copy of “Smashing Wordpress” by Thord Daniel Hedengren revealed a section within Chapter 1 on just that problem, page 9. This however, refers to moving the main files but keeping the same domain this not what I wanted to do so the search continued.

Here is what I did.

Backup everything,
1. Download all the files onto your local machine.
2. Export your database to your local machine.

These steps are not required they are just good practice. Once you have successfully moved your Wordpress site you can safely delete them.

Do a new install of Wordpress where you want it to be, if you already have and index.php file there you will need to rename it to index-temp.php or what ever you choose.

Once you have a fresh clean install of Wordpress, open your original Wordpress dashboard and select Tools > Export. Just export everything to a location on you local machine, it will be in one file so keep a check of where you put it.

Move login to the new install and Tools > Import. You will be asked to install and be given options because you can import from many different blogging platforms but as this is all about wordpress the option should be obvious. Once installed it will ask you to activate an do an import, click this and the browse for the newly exported file on your local machine and upload. That is basically all there is to it apart from some general house keeping tasks such as deleting the sample page and post and going through your settings.

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