Science and Spirituality

My name is Keith and I work at or am a part of The Libra Centre. My qualifications for talking to you today are that I am no different from any of you. I am not a great Nobel scientist, though I could be, I am not any form of spiritual leader, though I don't want to be. I am just me as you are just you. I am not infallible I am a basic guy who like everyone else has something to offer and this is my offering, humble though it be I hope it will be of help.

I am not intending to change your views, though they may be changed. I am not intending to educate you, though some of you may learn something. What my intention is, is to make you think. To challenge your own views and the views of others which have been laid out as law. To get you to consider an alternative path, to question and to boldly go where no one has gone before. To take what you believe to be true and simply say 'or is it?'

At The Libra Centre we hold to or base our operations around four simple abstracts:

The Advancement of Spiritual Science; The fulfilment of Human Potential; Harmony and Unity. These abstracts form our philosophy, our criteria for action. I believe we all should establish for ourselves a life philosophy a framework for right action. It is of course just one of these abstracts we will be looking at today, the advancement of spiritual science, though I will be careful not to step outside the bounds of the other three. The advancement of spiritual science is basically concerned with the bringing together of science and spirituality in a way that is acceptable and beneficial to both. As I wrote the abstracts of The Libra Centre, which I did by the way, without thinking about it, I wrote as an explanation for the advancement of spiritual science.

"When we look around us, everywhere we see the application of laws, these laws are fundamental verities or basic truths; 'for every action there is an equal and opposite re-action', 'energy equals mass times the speed of light squared', there are many many more. One of these laws was termed by the philosopher Hermes Trismegistus as 'As above, so below. As within so without' This tells us that science and spirituality are linked, in that discerning one, we can discern the other. This process works both ways, whilst the scientists of today are discovering things which the ancient mystics already knew, present day mystics are discovering the verities that lie behind the veil of ceremony and initiation. Simple and effective methods are being brought out into the open, that are bringing us closer to a scientific explanation of the feats of mystics and sear, making these things possible to all who understand."

We will be discussing some of these laws today and our exploration of spiritual science will be in three parts: Firstly we shall look at some very simple science. Secondly we will be looking at spirituality and I will be giving you a very simple definition of spirituality, spiritual and spirit. In the third part we shall unite parts one and two.

During this first part I will try to explain things as simply as I can, it really is not all that difficult. However, you do not need to fully understand everything, just observe and watch how things work out. If you do find it difficult please stick with it, think of it like yoga, it may hurt at first, but it is doing you good. We will start with an equation, perhaps the most famous equation, known to most people whether they understand it or not, it is this.

An equation is something which is equal, so whatever is on one side of the equals sign equals whatever is on the other side. Put in words this equation tells us that energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. Where two symbols are placed together in algebra we can infer a times sign. In other words, there is no difference between energy and matter.

Lets look at in a little more detail. E stands for energy, but what is energy? Energy is rather intangible because we can only understand it in terms of its conversion from one form to another. This pen contains energy because it has mass but we can never see or experience it until the energy in it is converted from one form of energy to another or transferred from one place to another. If I threw the pen, I would convert energy from the toast I had for breakfast, into the cells in my body, into kinetic energy, which would be transferred to the pen which would be transferred and converted to you if it hit you. We would not of course have altered in any way the energy within the pen due to its mass, that would still be there, unless it collided with you with sufficient force as to cause a nuclear explosion. What we have done is slightly and temporally changed the amount of energy within the pen.

This triangle represents delta and delta represents change. This is something worth thinking about. So you see that though the word energy is used correctly in our everyday speech and it's interactions, conversions and transfers are well understood, we are really only discussing and understanding the effects of energy when it undergoes change. To our everyday understanding if it does not move it does not exist or it is not manifest. Meditate on that sometime.

Let us look at the other side of the equation and remember everything on one side is exactly equivalent to the other side.

m stands for mass, so what is mass? Mass is basically an amount of matter. It is measured in kilograms and is its density times its volume.

If you take a block of lead, into an environment without gravity it will weigh nothing but it will still have the same mass. Though in our everyday life we measure how heavy a thing is in kilograms, this is not strictly true, weight should be measured in Newton's, from the guy who had an apple fall on his head. It is because in our everyday life, gravity is always there and it is always pretty much the same strength. So we can for most intents and purposes ignore it. For our purposes though we need to see that mass is actually a gathering together of energy. Weight is a force, another form of energy.

The last piece of the equation is only there as a measure of proportionality. That is, energy is proportional to mass but energy is measured in Joules and mass is measured in kilograms so how can we make one Joule of energy, a very small amount equivalent to a whole kilogram of mass, by multiplying it by a large amount. 8.988 x 1016 . What has the speed of light got to do with it? Let alone the speed of light times the speed of light which is another way of saying c2. We will look at that in a moment when I have introduced to you another important equations.

We have talked about energy and about force let us now look at a very simple equation about force. Electric force, although you may think about electric force as coming from the plug sockets in your home. Electric force actually comes from the interactions of very tiny charged particles like the positively charged proton and the negatively charged electron, both of which are found in every atom.

The equation for electrical force is this:

This looks a little more difficult but I will guide you through it F is for force. The subscript e simply tells us we are dealing with electric force. The Q1Q2 means the amount of charge on the first particle times the amount of charge on the second particle. This is divided by r2 which stands for the radius squared which basically is the distance between the two particles. The ke is the constant of proportionality which fulfils the same purpose as the c2 in the last equation. The - sign is there to ensure the direction of force if we have like charges then the resultant amount of force is a negative, hence similar charges create a repulsion which is simple a negative or minus, force of attraction. If one charge is a negative then the first negative sign is cancelled and we have the force of attraction of an electron to a proton which helps to hold atoms together.

Magnetism is very closely related to electricity but equations related to magnetism can get a little complicated. So we will look at the simplest one.

This equation is different but I hope you are beginning to see the similarities. The subscript m tells us we are dealing with magnetism and the I1I2 is the amount of magnetism do not concern yourself with the L or the 2. The details are not important it is the basic similarities in the equations that I want you to get a feel for, not an academic understanding.

Before we move on I want to show you the reason for the speed of light in the first equation. As we know electricity and magnetism are so closely related that the are often thought of as one, electromagnetism. So if we take the electrical constant

ke = 8.988 x 109

and relate it to the magnetic constant

km = 1 x 10-7

you get

which is exactly the speed of light squared. This figure was know many years before the discovery of the speed of light.

End of part one the difficult bit.


What is spirituality?
This is a question I have asked many times of many different people and I never received the same answer twice. It was for this reason that I decided to encapsulate a definition of spirituality that would serve as a reference point for anybody reading the works of The Libra Centre and or doing their own exploration.

Spirituality has as its root, the word spirit, and I believe this is the cause of much confusion, for there seems to be a major difference between the word spirit, and spirits. Clearly, if we associate spirituality with spirits then one could use the word spirit as a singular form of spirits. I do not intend to use this line of approach and so will use the term spirit which does not have a plural. When called upon to use the term spirits I will substitute for a more definitive term such as disincarnate soul or individual energy matrix.

The definitions which follow for spirit, spiritual and spirituality are not forced on anyone, if you have a different definition that is fine I only seek to offer our definition so there will be no misunderstandings or ambiguities. Whenever someone is discussing a subject such as this, it's as well to ask for a definition of terms so both parties know where the other is coming from.

Spirituality then, according to The Libra Centre is 'relationships'. This definition then allows everyone a certain measure of spirituality because everyone has relationships. This may seem a mediocre definition for something so grand as spirituality, but if you bear with me, I am sure you will see how wonderfully it fits. It has long been my opinion that the simpler a thing is stated, the closer to the truth we are.

In the beginning, there was Unity, the Absolute, the Source, you can choose your own terminology. In order for this to become manifest or be known, Unity had to divide and became two. The two are the essence of male and female, yin and yang, positive and negative, active and passive, again, you can choose your own terminology. The important thing to understand though is that now we have two which came from the one and therefore there is a relationship between them. This division continued throughout all levels of existence into the material world which we see all around us. You can start to see now, I hope, the amount and order of relationships we have in our cosmos.

Let us now put it on a more personal level. What relationships are there in your life? This is a big question as I am sure you will realise once you start to explore this question. We can start with the obvious, family, friends, work-mates, lovers. Now move on, everything you can see, hear, touch, taste or smell, will represent some kind of relationship for you to explore. Next consider deeper levels, what is your relationship with the animal kingdom, plants and trees, rocks and crystals. What about the Earth itself, elementals, angels, fairies. You will have your own list. As you explore your relationships, how do they make you feel and react, you will come to realise that you are exploring your own spirituality. As you develop your spirituality, you will see that you are in fact developing relationships and opening up to new relationships.

So if spirituality is relationships, to be spiritual is to be aware of and open to relationships. In a very simplistic sense a spiritual person is one who has a deep understanding of their own relationships and has an expanded set of relationships.

What then of spirit? To answer this is best done with an experiment, and you can do it in your head. Imagine or take two magnets, when you bring them close together, we all know what will happen, they will either attract or repel. Hold the magnets close enough to feel the magnetic force, but do not let them touch or push too far away. The magnets have a relationship between them and you are now sensing the power or force of this relationship. There is a similar force acting between all relationships, whether, physical, emotional or mental and this force is spirit. Try to make time to do this experiment with actual magnets and do it while meditating, you may well be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Consider now, that this force, this spirit is everywhere, around us and within us. This force is what holds atoms together and keeps them apart. It guides the planets and the stars, it fuels the Sun and it surges through our bodies. The four fundamental forces which are know to science are, gravity, electromagnetic, strong nuclear and weak nuclear. All these forces are forces of attraction or repulsion which is simply negative attraction. So we can in a sense call a unified field, attraction. I choose to call it spirit, you can call it love.

Let us see this in action. We have seen that a force is set up between to particles.

This force, if strong enough can move the particles about if one collides with another with sufficient force a photon is created, this photon, if of the right frequency can be seen as light and photographed. This is the principle behind Kirlian photography, the glow seen around objects. Normally this does not happen, you cannot see sparks shooting from my fingertips, it is only when we increase the energy available to the system do we start to see collisions which are strong enough to create visible photons. In the same was as we could have added energy to the pen to send it flying across the room.

Now there are a number of ways we can add energy to a system. One is the kinetic energy of throwing it, another is placing it in a 12 thousand volt electric field as with the Kirlian camera and another is temperature, because heat is energy. If we warm something up we add energy and if we cool it down we must therefore, take energy out of the system. To test this I took some warm tapwater added the Kirlian charge and took a photograph. This is the result.

What appeared on the image are the photons of visible light which resulted from the collisions of particles. The number of particles i.e., the mass, remained relatively constant, the energy given to them by the Kirlian field stayed constant 12 kV, any variation must be due to the energy in the object under study.

Then I placed the same sample of water in the freeze for a while and repeated the process and this was the result.

As you can see a lot less photons, meaning a lot less collisions, meaning a lot less energy. This proves the Kirlian camera is recording energy levels.

Then I wanted to test my definition of spirit, so I asked my wife, who is unfortunately psychic, to send love into the now, room temperature tapwater and this is what happened.

A lot more photons being released meaning a lot more energy. This is the energy in the tapwater increased by the energy of the Kirlian field plus the power of spirit or the power of love.

Spirit is within and without, it is above and below, it is in science and spirituality. Science is often defined by its methods rather than its purpose. Most, if not all of science is concerned with the understanding of energy exchanges in some form or another. Therefore, science is the study of spirituality.

Keith Hirst.
Astrologer and Spiritual Consultant
The Libra Centre

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