Statement on Health

A lot of my time now a days is spent in photographing aura's and one of the main questions that I am asked is 'Will it show up health problems?' The answer is yes and no, because the camera that we use will only show imbalances within the aura, it will not show up specifics. For instance if you have a malfunctioning liver an imbalance may show up within the photographed aura, it may be a black area, it may be streaks of brown or it may just be a general muddiness. It will not show an arrow pointing to the liver, there are no special colours that represent a defective liver or any other bodily organ. The only thing to show up is an unbalanced state. This state of affairs is indicative of The Libra Centre's views on health.

Health is the proper and harmonious functioning of all the constituting parts. The parts, though, must include not only the physical but the incorporeal. If there is a defect in the body, modern day physicians are usually very good at correcting it, even certain defects of the mind can be cured with counselling and training. It is well know, also that the mind can produce physical effects. But what of the Higher Self?

A discourse on whether or not the Higher Self can be defective is beyond the scope of the current article. However, the Higher Self can certainly be out of sync with not only the body but also the mind, or perhaps I should say that the body/mind can be out of sync with the Higher Self and this will not only show up in the aura it may well, if left unchecked, manifest as a physical problem. The physical problem will then, in this instance, be related to the solution to the discord that the Higher Self finds itself having to deal with.

One could say that the illness so caused is the clue or key to its elimination. For instance, a person who for some reason refuses to move on when prompted by the Higher Self, may well develop problems with their legs, thereby highlighting the real cause of the problem. Consider, if you will, any instances you know of when physical problems have be cured by the physician only to reoccur time and time again, could this, do you think be because the real cause is not physical but a strong prompting from the Higher Self to follow or to cease some course of action or thought process.

The wondrous workings of the human body, in its ability to maintain and repair itself may well lead you to believe the majority of physical maladies have an incorporeal origin. That is not to say that the physician is not needed but that it should be followed up with a more holistic diagnosis. With proper watchfulness however, many physical manifestations of dis-ease may well be avoided. It is possible in some and I stress, some, cases to eleviate physical problems solely by listening to and acting upon the guidance of our Higher Self. It would, however, be improper for me not to advice caution and common sense in this instance. What I am suggesting is not the elimination of the physician but the addition of proper and careful holistic diagnosis.

Holistic diagnosis is not that difficult to learn and I would say that if practised it will be found to be an innate ability within us all and offers us a marvellous opportunity for self growth and service to others which ultimately can only be of service to ourselves.

Keith Hirst.
Astrologer and Spiritual Consultant
The Libra Centre

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