What is the Aura


The aura is an Electromagnetic field that permeates in and around and through the physical body.

The aura basically is the sum of what we are from the moment we came into this world, until the moment we leave it to go to the next.

We store up within the aura the total of all our experiences - Experiences emotionally, physically and intellectually - everything that has ever happened to us is contained within the aura.

It's somewhat similar to a giant computer that stores our memory, and, as in a computer the energy is stored using an electromagnetic axiom. The aura is exactly the same, our thought patterns, our memory, our experiences, really generate a form of energy, electromagnetic energy. We sometimes call it vibrations and these, vibrations relay themselves through light, they reflect in colour and of course what Mediums see when they see the aura, they see the colours that are reflections of those vibrations. The aura is not new to us, it is something often spoken about, but people don't realise the complexities that are involved. As there are many different aspects of the aura, when we look at the coloration in the aura, we also have to give some thought to the blending of different colours that we register and see. This blending is a different aspect of experience. I'll just relate what they are.

There is the Physical Aura, the Mental Aura, the Emotional Aura, the Etheric Aura, the Astral and the Spiritual Aura, and for each aspect of the aura there is a colour range, and within that colour range, there is a different aspect of experience. It doesn't mean that because red is seen in the physical aura and red is seen in the astral aura that they mean the same thing, because they are vibrating through a different spectrum, a different stage of consciousness and therefore the meaning would be different. But basically there are standards in colour, standards that relate to the specific parts of the aura.

Therefore we consider the seven spectrum colours plus black and white, that apply to everyone, when the physical aura is being discussed. The same applies to the emotional, the mental and the intellectual aura.

We talk about standards, it is an ideal situation for introducing in into your thought pattern. It is when we grow spiritually that we can utilise the knowledge of those standards and the meanings of those standards, as a means to development, when we also look at and give consideration to the aura. we allow ourselves the opportunity to blend together and learn from one another, to come to an understanding of ourselves, and it is in knowing and understanding ourselves that we can grow.

In the usual way of seeing the aura - only gifted mediums would be able to perceive the aura in a subjective way - that is with the inner eye - but now that has changed - we can all now see with our physical eyes the wonderful coloration that is you - through the medium of a special camera. Within the camera there are all the colours of the spectrum. You sit down and put your hands on the sensors, within the left-hand sensor is a computer which reads your hand and takes into account the humidity etc.,. then the camera receives biofeedback information of the colours that are you, and chooses only those colours, so that what records on film is an accurate account of your aura.

I then give you a reading of those colours and what they mean to you, you have your own basic colours recorded, but there are also colours blending in that, that register your thoughts and feelings at this time - and shows your potential for growth. People say to me "Mine will be all black...", well if it is then you have nothing to worry about because you have got there - your physical body has been transcended into another world of wonder.

Black does not necessarily mean that you are thinking bad thoughts or have even done bad things. Believe it or not there is a black that is a very highly evolved colour.

Spots of black usually denotes a bit of worry or depression at the time, or a medical problem that requires attention. It defiantly does not indicate evil intentions. Because even if a person had evil intentions - they are just lessons that we have chosen to learn to overcome. Everything we experience on this earth plane has a purpose - it is a lesson we have to learn, when we have learnt it, it then disappears.

If the medical problem is cured then the dark patch disappears or if the anger dissipates then the spot is no longer there. It just shows an area that needs work on that's all, whatever it is. But basically most people have wonderful coloration's and can show how well you are evolving.

Some mediums who see the aura may say you have a hole in your aura. But there are two schools of thought on this. I personally do not subscribe to the hole in the aura for whatever reason, the aura is energy that is flowing around us at all times and I don't feel you can make a hole in it. But that of course is only my opinion, and I am open to discussion. And these different schools of thought is where we can learn from each other, life is a school and nobody is perfect until we have evolved back to the Universal Source.

The impressionist painters got it right and more over the scientists of modern times are inclined to agree with them. Yes, the artist and the scientist agree that, this solid world of individual forms as seen by our physical senses is in truth a subtle world of complex interrelated patterns of light, colour and vibration. Matter doesn't matter any more. It is the character, relationship of influences of, vibrations, sound rhythm, colour and light that's the order of the day.

Everything around you vibrates to a colour.
A language of colour is the key to the world of vibrations.

Colours are messengers. The colours around you can reveal an insight into your mental and emotional world.

Colours are healers. They can invigorate, charge and energise and they can also soothe and harmonise.

Vibrations alter when imbalance and illness happen thus the onset of imbalance and illness tends to register a change of colours in and around your system. As soon as an illness affects a particular part of the body, the colours take on a more dingy look. So this may indicate that there is a blockage of energy somewhere.

There are some people whose aura is holding close to the body, this means that the person is holding himself away somewhat to people, that's OK. We all need our own space sometimes. most of us are open and expansive to our fellow creatures. Willing to love each other, willing to share, willing to help each other. This doesn't mean that if your aura is hugging you tight at this time, you are not caring or loving, it just means give me a bit of space just now. We all need a bit of protection now and then, when someone gets angry or annoyed with you, you close yourself up, to protect your nervous system etc. or you retaliate and explode into a red fury and hit back verbally, its a function of red to heat up. But there again you can wrap your aura around you, bring down a beautiful white light changing the red to pink which is Universal Love, unconditional love, and anger dissipates. Nothing can resist this Love, it changes everything. It makes your aura glow with a wonderful translucent shade.

  • Red - is a physical colour someone who is living very positively on the physical plane of consciousness, solid, dependable, gets things done, keep on keeping on, till they succeed in whatever motivates them.
  • Orange - is a creative colour, works with the hands in some way to create beautiful things or play music or dance and sing, a joyous colour.
  • Yellow - is a colour of the mind, the intellectual, sorts things out etc.
  • Green - is the colour of the heart, healing, gently caring.
  • Pink - is the secondary colour of the heart it brings love into all things.
  • Blue - is the colour of healing also the colour of communication.
  • Indigo - the deep blue is the colour of intuition, of unlimited knowledge, the seeker after truth.
  • Purple or Violet - is spiritual activity represents activated unlimited knowledge. An important violet that I should mention is lavender, this is when violet is mixed with white, the highest colour, then lavender is created, it is the colour of a Master energy. It is a colour rarely seen.

So you see that a study of the aura shows us that we are more than we think we are. We can now see and be interconnected by our thoughts and feelings.

We can heal ourselves and others, by understanding how we create our reality and how we can improve upon it, we realise that we can create a better world as well.

Colour is an indispensable factor in our lives, let us be more aware of it, enjoy it, let us make for ourselves a more colourful, cheerful and exciting new world.

The Meaning of the Colours of the Aura.

  • Red - It is a strong colour that would make for success in the business world. You have the power to succeed in all ventures. If the red has darker patches it would mean that you can get angry and stubborn. You need to do things your way, even if sometimes it upsets someone. It could also mean that there are changes on the way and you would need this strong colour to see it through. On the physical plane this relates to a time when emotions would be very much in evidence. On the mental plane, emotional and easily hurt by others. On the spiritual plane, if it were blended by white, making it a lovely rose pink it would represent love in all its aspects.
  • Orange - orange is a very creative colour, you could be working in the creative arts, music, dancing, making things with your hands. It is also joy and blessings of life. You can find happiness in almost anything and any situation. In the physical, this relates to the person endeavouring to find a middle pathway of greater stability. In the mental, they are now working towards a more balanced middle pathway to allow them to cope with and overcome adversity. In the spiritual, it is the health and healing light.
  • Light Yellow - you have a depth of feeling for others and would like to do something to help in times of stress or other areas of weakness in other people. In the physical, relates to absent healing, thoughts being sent out to others. In the mental, absent healing has very strong potential. In the spiritual, wisdom.
  • Yellow - the intellectual yellow means you could do well in business that requires more of your mental faculties than your physical prowess, a touch of red would be required in the latter. In the physical, working very hard at the moment to help a friend or loved one in a practical way. In the mental, greater effort is required to work on self-expression and creativity. In the spiritual, the intellectual, having the wisdom to proceed on the spiritual path. If it is a golden yellow you are receiving advanced spiritual teachings.
  • Light Green - it is a spring green, green of new beginning, new start leaving behind all the negative aspects of self and looking forward to positive changes in life. In the physical, experiencing disharmony during this time, stemming from a physical nature, ill health. In the mental, passive by nature and can be easily hurt by others. In the spiritual, energy and growth bring on back to physical health.
  • Green - this is a very positive healing energy, to be used in a very natural way. Spiritual healing, herbal or aroma therapy, healing with the mind. In the physical, the person would be endeavouring to find a much more natural path to follow to align themselves with the God of their hearts and with the power of nature. In the mental, they tend to be green-fingered and draw very close to plant life. In the spiritual, again energy an growth following the natural rhythm of nature

Carol G Smith

let your thoughts soar higher and you will see clear like an Eangle
Allow your thoughts to soar higher!.

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