Providing Websites for discerning clients around the world.

Get more clients with an Holistic Webspace website.

The Holistic Webspace Advantage

  • No hidden extras
  • Everything you need is included
  • Hosting, included
  • Domain Name, included
  • Constant support, included
  • Expert guidance, included
  • Fast updating, included
  • Image processing, included
  • Copy writing, included
  • SEO, included
  • Unbeatable value £15 per month

Design and Build.

Holistic Webspace is a website development company. This means that Holistic Webspace will build a web site about you. We will design the site, write copy for the site, maintain the site, update the site, promote the site, and host the site, about you and your services.

Holistic Webspace has developing websites for many years. We know the way the World Wide Web works, we get together and discover what the public need to know about you. You may phone me, visit me, write to me, but mostly it is all done by email.

You need know nothing about the Internet.

You do not even need a computer.

You need know nothing about web site design.

We build the design around you.

You need know nothing about writing styles of web pages.

We help you write right.

You need know nothing about FTP uploading, file structuring.

All this is done by us.

You need know nothing about Search Engine submission.

We do that for you.

You need know nothing about HTML, CSS, javascript or PHP.

We know.

You need not be afraid or overwhelmed.

We hold your hand.

By joining the Holistic Webspace.

What you need to do.

Any Problems?

If you have any difficulty finding your way around this site or there is anything you do not understand then ring us at 01492 621076 and ask for Keith or Theresa.

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