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Holistic Web Contract of Service for Design and Build Option.

Your contract in terms you can understand.

1 of 15 How many pages do I get (how big will my site be)?

  1. Up to 20 content pages (site maps, back end processing scripts and admin pages are not counted). That is more than enough for most websites.
  2. If you need a larger site then there are other options which we can discus.

2 of 15 Who is responsible for the design of my website?

  1. We both are, I will take your ideas and turn them into a website or I can design for you.

3 of 15 What if I change my mind about the final agreed design?

  1. Within reasonable limits this should not be a problem. I will update your design for you for free.

4 of 15 Who is responsible for the content of my website (what is written)?

  1. We both are, you can write as much or as little as you like. I include copy-writing in the package but most people have something to say themselves. You can write and I will edit or I can write and you can edit, the final say about what goes on your site is with you.

5 of 15 What if I change my mind after the content has been written?

  1. Within reasonable limits this is no problem. In fact it is encouraged and I will be working hard to keep your site up to date and relevant. There are no dead sites in the Holistic Web.

6 of 15 What about pictures?

  1. A picture paints a thousand words but unfortunately it uses a thousand times as much disc space. Be selective about your images and allow me to optimise them for the Internet. Lots of images take a long time to download (appear before your website visitor) and usually website visitors do not like to wait. You are advised to have some pictures but follow my guidance. You can have as many pictures as you like but you may end up with a slow site that visitors do not hang around for and you may need to purchase extra space.

7 of 15 Who is the legal owner of my website?

  1. Once all fees have been paid you own; your site, design, content, full non-exclusive licence for any scripts or programmes which have been written for you. You can move it in its entirety to another host with your domain name. You will then be responsible for the domain name fees to keep it active.
  2. Because most of the work is done in the early months, you are expected to have paid a minimum of 2 years subscriptions before all fees are deemed to have been paid.

8 of 15 How much does it cost?

  1. There is usually no set-up fee depending on the design work you require.
  2. The current subscription cost is £180 per year paid in advance.
  3. There is the option to make subscription payments monthly at £15

9 of 15 How do I pay?

  1. You may pay by cash.
  2. Cheque, made payable to 'K. Hirst'
  3. Standing order from your bank to ours, details on request.
  4. Credit card from our website. (see below)

10 of 15 When will my site be ready?

  1. Websites are an ongoing process so it should be continuously developing and growing. The time it takes from initial contact to going life is usually down to how committed you are to sending the required content.

11 of 15 What if I am unhappy with your service?

  1. Our business model is fairness so if at anytime you feel you have been treated unfairly, tell me and I will endeavour to put it right. If the issue cannot be resolved, then you are free to leave at anytime owing nothing. Because of the way the payments work out, not matching the work or cost to begin with, there will be no refunds.

12 of 15 Will my payments ever be increased?

  1. The current cost is a promotional price. Those who come after will be paying much more. However, your yearly fees will never increase more than by the rate of inflation. When recommending this service as I am sure you will, be careful not to tell them how much you pay.

13 of 15 I know nothing about doing business on the web, will you help me?

  1. I will be by your side every step of the way.
  2. I will research keywords for you and show you how to place them on your site.
  3. I will offer advice on all aspects of having a successfull web presence.
  4. I will do everything I can to get you a successfull website but your business is up to you. No matter how good a website is, if no one wants your products or services there is nothing I can do about that.

14 of 15 What does reasonable limits mean?

  1. If your business is not successful, you will leave Holistic Webspace and that does me no good at all. Therefore, I will do everything I can to help your business thrive, by providing the best website support I can, I have been known to actually nag clients into making improvements and adding content to their sites. I include the term within reasonable limits to stop out and out abuse and unnecessary site changes, which will have a negative effect, if it is good for your business I will move mountains to get it but don't take liberties.

15 of 15 How can I be sure?

  1. Contact any of my clients and ask them what they think of Holistic Webspace, most can be found on the portfolio page.

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