Helping you all the way.

Web Strategy Consultations for a successful internet presence in today's competitive market place you need to plan ahead, whether you are starting out with a new website or revamping an old one, having a strategy for success is vital, do not fall into the trap of "build it and they will come". Booking a website consultation now before the work begins will save you money and put you on the road to Internet Success.

What is the cost.
All consultations are charged at £0.00 per hour, free, whether you sign up for a Complete website package or not. I can visit you and then charges are based on cost and travel time, I do not push Holistic Webspace services so when we sit down together we can concentrate solely on your business not mine. If I am visiting you, you will receive a fixed quote of the costs.

Saving you money.
We started this business to help friends who were paying way too much for their website. We can often save you money in the first five minutes of a consultation, over and above the consultation charges. Do you have to have your website with Holistic Web to save money? Not necessarily, 60% of clients are paying for something they could get free or a great deal cheaper, I will show you how. As I am fond of saying our business model is Fairness, a personal mantra of mine, a consultation is a consultation not a sales pitch.

The Personal Touch
At Holistic Webspace we care about the personal touch and we talk to you with respect and understanding, we do no require you to have any IT skills or understanding of how the Internet works. We are able to help, to guide and suggest, but at the same time fostering your own creativity and help you get your message out to the world.

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