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Benefits of a Website for Individuals and groups.

Do you have something to say, most people do. Do you know something useful, something positive, uplifting and empowering. The mission of Holistic Web is to fill the web with uplifting and empowering, positive content to dilute the negative influences that can be found on the internet. I have found that generally most people are good and helpful. Having a website is a great way to maximise this quality and it make you feel good to.

Spreading the word.

It always amazes me how much one can find out on the internet, what ever you need to know some one has put it on the internet somewhere. Not everything is correct of course, some of the information I find on the internet is very wrong. If you know something why not share that knowledge with others, and correct mis-knowledge. This can act as an advertisement for yourself, your group or business. Many people have discovered some startling philosophy or had a vision which they wish to share with the world. Having a website is a great way of doing that.

Enhancing you reputation.

By your actions shall you be judged. These days it should read, By your website shall you be judged. There is terrific scope with a website to state who you are, what you believe in and what is your personal philosophy. Also what are your credentials, a website can become a great cv much more in depth than a paper cv and it can easily be kept up to date. If someone needs to know you better then you can point them to your personal website. This is also a great way of meeting new people to, a personal website can give thousands of people the chance to get to know you, and contact you.

What a website will not do.

Despite the stories owning a website will not make you rich. It will help with your business but your business must be sound in the first place, if you have a bad business plan then a website, no matter how good, will not make it into a good business plan. I have heard many get rich quick schemes and frankly I would rather you keep them to yourself. It is my estimation that rewards come from dedication, forward thinking and hard word. Putting up a website and thinking that is all there is to it to make millions come flocking with open wallets is an idea I urge you to let go of right now because it aint going to happen.

Hate sites.

I see nothing wrong with letting people know about your experiences with particular companies, businesses are only to eager to seek endorsements, so I see nothing wrong with the reverse. However, and this is a big however, be careful what you say online, stating the facts as they happened to you is one thing, making judgement calls from that or taking things to a personal level is quite another. And slagging of your neighbour, co-worker or boss can drop you in some deep dodo. Taking a pot shot a races, religions, genders or other groups will see you in court or worse. This will not happen on a Holistic Web site.


While I have nothing against nudity done in the right way, or even professional escorts making a living and advertising their services. There are some lines which should not be crossed, child pornography is of course a BIG no no, as is misrepresenting yourself to the younger generation. Not only that but sites set up to rip people off, in any way will be kicked off.

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